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Privacy Policy

Privacy act

Spectronic CA protects shoppers’ data and complies with the strict commitment to not let the data be sold, given out or released to anyone within or outside the organization. We believe in customer rights and all data will be kept highly confidential. All data used is for customer order fulfillment only.

Data collected by Spectronic CA

Information collected by Spectronic CA is strictly for completing an order. No other information will be obtained from our site when browsing through, or comparing products. The personal information collected when making an order is: (Name, address, e-mail & phone number). Non-Personally Identifiable Information (IP address, browser type etc) and Financial Information (credit card details).

Newsletter subscription

As we constantly update our online store. We want our customers to be up to date with the latest technology in the market and upcoming products. Therefore, if you subscribe to the newsletter. You may expect to receive our online catalogue every once a week or more. Upon the latest product arrival or sales. You do have the option to opt for a newsletter subscription, by simply opting out through our newsletter,

Secure communication

Our store is handled with industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. All details entered by the customers are transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted form which is unreadable to any person or persons attempting to intercept the information. Spectronic CA is registered with an independent site certification. The certificate issued by the certification authority confirms to your browser that you are communicating securely with Spectronic CA. This certificate enables secure communication between you and the server allowing the safe transmission of personal information. (256 BITS SSL)


If customers feel like they are receiving unwanted newsletters through email. Please feel free to email us at or unsubscribe through email received. The subscriptions are only for email marketing/direct marketing and receiving order details for the purchase of the product.